Transforming a Race Series from Chump to Champ
600 480 Max Beach

Mike Chisek sits down with Max Beach at Sonoma Raceway and discusses the ChampCar name and the services that Linespace offers. “Right from the first presentation you made, I was…

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What will your future look like?
1024 699 Max Beach

How are your customers going to experience your brand in the next decade? These are the questions we are helping our clients answer as we provide design and visualization for…

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Defining the Sense of Place
150 150 Max Beach

Defining the Sense of Place Located in the East Village, IDEA1, is the cornerstone for a revitalized community that recognizes the importance of art, architecture, and interaction for inspiring success…

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USC Village
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Linespace has proudly been working with the University of Southern California to enhance the campus experience and establish brand consistency.┬áIt was a pleasure to collaborate with USC and project architect…

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Celebrating 13 Years of Inspiring Projects
642 1024 Max Beach

Artisan jean shorts Blue Bottle tilde. Kale chips 90’s scenester paleo retro Blue Bottle. Chillwave Tumblr direct trade leggings Odd Future, 90’s hella fap four loko cray selvage butcher Echo Park letterpress. McSweeney’s biodiesel fanny pack, aesthetic four loko semiotics Bushwick Echo Park messenger bag.

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Unveiled: The Wall of Courage
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The South Los Angeles community holds a diverse population that has been challenged with chronic health needs and a worrisome health status within the County. Thanks to the work of…

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