Our Story

Brand. Experience. Design.
The Beginning

Linespace Partners, Max Beach, Nick Groh, and Clint Woesner, started Linespace in 2003 with three common goals; 1. do great work, 2. help our clients succeed, 3. enjoy what we do. Our goals are very much the same today.

Our Services

We are a multi-disciplinary design firm providing services for a diverse range of clientele. Our qualifications come from decades of experience providing design solutions in the areas of environments, interactive, print,
products, and wayfinding.

Flexible Team

Over the years we have composed a valuable network of industry professionals and partners that allow us to assemble a team around your specific project requirements. This has allowed us to achieve exceptional results at a reasonable project budget.

Our Process


Creativity comes from knowledge. It is impossible to provide successful outcomes without a proper foundation of knowledge to support the solutions. Every project is different from the previous and the next. We meet with the stakeholders to fully understand the project objectives. Our team will become familiar with the brand, mission, core values, and purpose. The complete experience will be reviewed, analyzed and identified.


After identifying the user journey and brand character we will explore multiple approaches to achieve the project outcomes. We will make recommendations for user interaction, communication, technology integration, and brand expression. There is never simply one specific solution to the objectives of the project. Through exploration of several options we will work together to identify the best design approach. Concepts will be represented through models, visual renderings, diagrams, and experience simulations for consensus building and feedback.


This is where informed ideas are transformed into visual solutions. We utilize computer software to produce user scenario renderings of a variety of concepts for you to consider. Visual concepts will convey proposed materials, finishes, and graphic applications. Our design solutions will be presented from the perspective of the visitor experience and will highlight specific benefits and features. We collect feedback and provide informed refinement of subsequent designs. Our goal is to finish with a design approach that is recognized as the best and most appropriate to achieve the desired results.


Once the visual design and overall approach has been established we will produce production ready refinement and specifications. This phase results in the standards for visual design and physical production.


Coordination throughout the production process is a key element to the success of the project. We will attend coordination meetings, and review all submittals, mock-ups, prototypes, production drawings. We are advocates for your brand and our job is to support you to ensure the quality and integrity of the final product.