Creative problem solving is the core to our business.  Our Partners and design staff thrive on opportunities to challenge conventions and pursue one of a kind design solutions.  We are inspired by our clients, their missions, and their projects.  Every project presents a new challenge giving us the opportunity to learn, explore, and realize new possibilities.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Linespace certifications: EBE LBE SBE(LA) SBE (Proprietary) VSBE(Harbor) LBE(Harbor) SB(Micro)


Brands are all about stories. When it comes to experiential design we believe every visitor touchpoint is a part of the narrative. Much like their target audiences brands have something to say – something to share – a core message to communicate. Each project is different and unique, providing a visitor journey that is specific to the story line.

Challenge Convention

We are well versed in rules, regulations, guidelines and industry standards – however whenever possible we are challenging convention and looking for new ways to communicate to the public. Our favorite part of the design process is the exploration stage.

Dedication & Coordination

Linespace Partners are involved in every project we have in the office. We like to get our hands dirty by staying involved in the design and details of the project. We are dedicated to the outcomes of the work that is produced and believe in the relationships we build with our clients and fellow design professionals. You have an advocate for your brand in us. Your success is our priority.


Through the use of digital presentation walkthroughs and realistic computer model renderings, we provide tools that make it easier for our clients to visualize the end result.

The use of contemporary media in our process takes the guess work out of decision making and helps build consensus among stakeholders. No matter the project size, creating a realistic representation of our design solutions results in tangible expectations and successful outcomes.