Fresno State Campus Interpretive Installations

Fresno State sits in the heart of the central valley. The University is a pillar in a community that was born from agriculture and local resources, with a focus on agricultural science and teaching. The campus is a registered arboretum and has many sculptural, symbolic, and memorial gardens throughout the 388 acre campus.

Fresno State asked Linespace to design interpretive signage that provides descriptive information about special points of interest on the campus grounds. A total of seven locations were identified on the campus for interpretation. The signs use are made from locally quarried Sierra White solid granite stone blocks with inset laser-etched graphics on Academy Black granite. In some locations, the signs are accompanied by two granite benches to provide a place of gathering.

Project Details

Client: Fresno State University
Design Team: Clint Woesner, Nick Groh, Liezl Estipona
Date Completed: 2014

  • Environment
  • Environment Graphics