EVgo (Formerly NRG-EVgo) launched an initiative to provide multi-phase installations to expand the nations EV charge network. To maximize the expenditure on infrastructure Linespace was asked to develop a system that could communicate the potential of the site when power was installed and expand on demand using local technicians.

Creating a visual sign system with branded messaging to be installed with minimal tools was key. Linespace modified the existing “Lite-On” charger to integrate with a POS tap card reader and providing a simple to assemble approach for technician installers to quickly deploy and connect to the grid. A complete digital assembly guide was also produced.

Project Details

Client: NRG Evgo
Design Team: Max Beach, Jesus Galaz, Leizl Estipona
Date Completed: 2014

  • Environment
  • EV Charging
  • Interactive
  • Products
  • Visualization