Cliccors - Crashors

Crashors toy vehicles are based on one 2-way articulating “link” unit. Each vehicle has over 100 points of articulation. They can be crashed, reposed and played with in limitless ways.

Our team was tasked with developing the product from initial concepts to an expanded line of toys utilizing the Cliccors articulating system. Our objective was clear: impart the addictive play pattern of the original “link” chains into complex toys that contain 20+ unique parts. It was imperative to do more than simply apply the original unit to existing toy formats. Crashors provides a new creative experience to the toy car category.

These vehicles are the initial launch of the Cliccors toy line and will be featured in major retailers beginning 2014 along with an expanded line of toys that utilize this unique articulating and posable system.

The Cliccors Playsystem is Patent Pending

Project Details

Client: Cliccors
Design Team: Max Beach, Ryan Held
Fabricator: SCPS Unlimited
Date Completed: 2014

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  • Prototype Fabrication