AV Posicharge - Procore Charger

We worked with the AV Posicharge development team to integrate their modular Procore charging technology into a housing suitable for the industrial environment. Developing a cost effective but unique method of allowing for unit expansion for greater output was key driver for the project. We implemented a simple to understand and use physical interface made sure direct users (forklift & electrical equipment operators) had few points for operational error. While a proprietary app design gave management and maintenance access to system controls and reports in a comprehensive but easy to navigate format.

Subtle integration of the AV corporate brand elements helped to tie the “sister” product line to the family of charging equipment while giving it a unique and appropriate appearance.

Project Details

Client: Aerovironment EV Solutions
Design Team: Max Beach, Clint Woesner, Ana Khachatrian
Date Completed: 2015

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