Brinks Security Products & Product Brand Language

In 2006 Brinks was a brand known mostly for home security systems and armored transport trucks. Hampton Products recognized a need to develop brand recognition among consumers over several product categories including security lighting, security locks, timers, and door hardware.
Linespace helped identify the core personality traits of the Brinks brand and created a product form language that communicates the values of the brand to consumers. The design language defined and set standards for brand expression, product form language, materials and processes, and color and finish.

The resulting 71 page Brinks Product Guidelines Document continues to inform on the design and development of future Brinks products by Linespace and Hampton’s internal design team. Linespace’s relationship with Hampton Products produced new market entry products and reinvented existing ones leading to expanded business in major home & hardware retailers.

Our process of development with Hampton Products was highly collaborative. Up front exploration included product innovation sessions, customer intercepts, as well as technology forums. We worked with internal teams, fabricators and their manufacturers on methods for bringing these ideas to market in short timeframes.

Using elements of the Brinks’ product design language, the more than 250 designs, we created over a 3-year period, visually connect with the Brinks brand character making a connection across categories and retailers. Functional improvements and user centered approach to designing products for multiple categories including personal security, portable locks, security lighting and hardware, provided Brinks new opportunities to gain entry to major home hardware retailers.

Project Details

Design Team: Max Beach, Clint Woesner, Jesus Galaz, Connie Lai
Date Completed: 2008

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