El Dorado Nature Center is an oasis of natural habitat, offering visitors the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the urban environment. The 105 acres that make up the historic Nature Center grounds provide sanctuary for animals and plant life and has been connecting people to nature for over 48 years. Two miles of dirt trails and a ¼ mile paved trail wind around two lakes, a stream and forested areas. The entryway renovation included new gateway, pathways with fresh overhead lighting for night-time guests, an amphitheater, seating 80, for lectures, children’s field trips, native saplings and foliage, and a bridge that connects to the Nature Center building.
Our design team worked closely with the City of Long Beach stake holders and the project landscape architect to integrate a monument sign welcoming people to the park, and a park wayfinding system that clearly informs and guides visitors to the destinations.

Project Details

Client: City Of Long Beach
Design Team: Nick Groh, Zoey Zhang
Architect: AHBE Landscape Architects
Date Completed: 2017

  • Environment
  • Environment Graphics