Dapplegray Logo

We were asked to design new spirit wear for 2016 and it became immediately clear that we needed to address the school logo in order for the project to be a success.

A “dapple gray” horse can be born with hair pigment of any color, however these horses contain a unique trait that allows them to transform as they grow in age. Dapplegray Elementary believes “each child is a gift and therefore gifted in some way.” Much like the gray horse these children will blossom into unique individuals as they grow and prepare for the next level of education.

The new logo depicts a gray horse that looks outward at the world with an expression full of confidence and strength. Below the horse is a banner containing the mascot name “Colts”. The banner reflects on the legacy logo maintaining a connection to past successes.

Finally, the shield represents the strength of the community that surrounds, protects, and supports our children to help them reach their potential and become positive contributors to society.

Project Details

Client: Dapplegray Elementary
Design Team: Clint Woesner
Date Completed: 2017

  • Identity
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