Westfield SF Centre:
Bespoke Coworking & Events Center

San Francisco, CA

Within the retail epicenter of San Francisco, Westfield has created a new destination tailored for this area “where tech and market places converge.” A community where collaboration leads to innovation and digital innovators collide with great brands – for work and play.

BESPOKE is a trifecta of co-working, demo, and event space, hosting everything from collaborative startups & brand product launches to conferences and fashion shows. We were challenged with creating a environmental brand image that encapsulates the energy and inspiration that the BESPOKE space provides.

A combination of technology and raw materials expresses the infusion of grit and refinement experienced within the daily actions of creative start-up companies.

Project Details

Client: Westfield
Design Team: Max Beach, Clint Woesner, Zoe Zhang
Architect: Westfield
Fabricator: BNBT Builders Inc
Date Completed: 2015

  • Conference
  • Digital
  • Environment
  • Environment Graphics
  • Events
  • Identity
  • Mall
  • Mixed use
  • Retail
  • Signage
  • Wayfinding
  • Westfield