Flekt System – SLR Camera Flash Accessory

The Flekt System simulates the lighting effects used by pro photographers without bringing a studio of equipment along. The design utilizes a compact primary reflector in front of the built-in flash with an interchangeable system of bounce reflectors to achieve the effect of soft studio light. The entire system locks into the “hot shoe” of SLR cameras and utilizes a patent pending “mag attach” for quick adjustment, portability and interchange of other attachments. Flekt System has removable inserts with a concave shape to reflect light in a shaped pattern on to the subject.

Close attention was given to overall system weight and the simple operation allowing the photographer to adjust, direct and create lighting effects on the go.

Project Details

Design Team: Max Beach
Fabricators: Formulate Shop
Date Completed: 2014

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Products
  • Prototype Fabrication
  • Visualization