ChampCar Re-Brand

Mike Chisek sits down with Max Beach at Sonoma Raceway and discusses the ChampCar name and the services that Linespace offers.

Transforming a Race Series from Chump to Champ

ChampCar was founded in 2009 with an inaugural race in Portland, OR. Since that time, ChampCar has sanctioned over 200 endurance events across the country and hosted more than 10,000 different drivers throughout their history, many of them first-time participants in motorsports!

Originally named ChumpCar the non-profit organization was created to give average people the opportunity to race wheel-to-wheel on a budget. “Chump” was a way for the brand to explain that it is a fun experience for the amateur racer. Over time the series has grown nationally and become quite competitive without losing the low cost operation for it’s race teams. With this came the desire to communicate that however fun and accessible the race series is, it is also professional and well organized.

Our challenge was to transform “Chump” into “Champ” through a complete re-branding along with the name change. The new brand conveys professionalism, speed, competitiveness, and fun. Like so many events and organizations the participant experience is what drives success or failure. A seamless event boosts ongoing participation and leads to brand advocacy through word of mouth. This is the most powerful promotional tool for any organization.

Racers are loyal to their brands and this provides an opportunity to gain more exposure for ChampCar. We want participants to take pride in their race experience and with that pride comes the desire to purchase apparel. Quality branded apparel can also be a revenue generator at each event. Linespace continues to support ChampCar with on going design services for brand development, event graphics and merchandise.

Project Details

Client: ChampCar Endurance Series
Design Team: Max Beach, Clint Woesner, Joseph Escobar, Emily Fishman
Date Completed: 2018

  • Environment Graphics
  • Events
  • Identity
  • Print
  • Retail