AV TurboDX

Workplace Electric Vehicle Charger

A need for a robust, and flexible solution was the driving factors when designing this charger for AeroVironment. The housing had to allow for expanded components for networking, Bluetooth access for property manager and drivers alike. Working closely with AV engineers to meet their product specifications of internal component envelopes, durability, as well as multiple mounting configurations, our team helped configure and visualize the approach. The narrow main housing and aluminum construction provides a strong solution with flexibility for use in a variety of locations and environments.

The fascia provides opportunities for co-branding or customer personalization while maintaining a connection to the AV brand, referencing the other AV charging equipment that EV drivers are quickly gaining familiarity.

Project Details

Client: Aerovironment EV Solutions
Reference: Ken Karklin
Design Team: Max Beach
Date Completed: 2018

  • EV Charging
  • Products
  • Visualization